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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sewing at the Speed of ... at any speed.

I returned home from Missouri last Thursday and have not really been feeling quite myself since. Finally went in to see the Dr. today. He told me the good news is that the things I am having problems with I left last week and with some help from some detoxing supplements I should be back to my normal state soon. I did go in and do the Lyme testing this morning just to be on the safe side there. I also told him that I have been off my thyroid meds for almost 2 months and feeling good. He did some muscle testing and then some more because those meds have been my life's blood for 24 years. He agrees with me that at this point it is looking like all that crazy laser treatment stuff to rid me of all the toxins has had the added benefit of allowing my thyroid to come back to work on its own- Yippee!!!! Did a blood work up on that this morning too just to have written proof. So with any luck my body will flush out the formaldehyde I have picked up at Moms house and I will be up to speed soon.

I spent the last morning I was at Mom's house frantically sewing. We had a melt down of the featherweight one day and actually got it fixed and back in service the following day. It reached a point where I knew I was not going to be able to finish my sisters quilt top but Mom so wanted me to finish that I had to get what I could done on that last day. It went from this:

to this:

then I brought it all home and I must have the top all pieced together so that I can take pictures and get them postmarked Saturday to be entered in the local quilt show in Oct. You have to admit that my Mom is one fine looking lady after surviving all she has and to be sitting there mothering the two of us on only 13 % of her heart left alive.

Saturday we went to my Step-grandaughter's high school graduation party where I presented her with this quilt:

I did actually take the time to quilt this one but neglected to get a picture of it finished.

I am also frantically trying to finish up a quilt for a wedding I will be attending this Friday night. We decided that the pattern made up too small a quilt and had to go on a fabric safari for a workable solution to that fact that I had purchased all the fabrics at my favorite shop in Idaho and didn't have enough left to make the additions we need to make-I would grrrr here but it just means that I must get more creative and find a new way to solve my problem. Fortunately I had Jenn with me, she was my driver today as I was in no shape mentally or physically for driving more then 1 mile from home today. We had very little to pick from but we believe that it will work out well- Photos to follow on that one later this week.

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