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Friday, June 15, 2007

Dr. Weighmaster

Today I had to work. Sad for me but good for mankind I guess. I was asked today why the other girl who works there was so mean. I had no answer. Did that mean that she is mean or that I am just so sweet? It was a trucker who had a bad headache. In my normal way I got him some Advil and then showed him a couple pressure points on his hand that will help relieve headache pain. When he came back later I was elevated from weigh-master to Dr. Weigh-master.

Driving coal buckets is not for the old. I decided this today. One company that hauls for us employs drivers that are either of mothers who were rode hard and put away wet far too many times or these boys are just plain old and worn out themselves. I watched one slowly and painfully get out of his truck to check something. It took him about 2 minutes to gingerly get himself back into his seat. These guys have been working hard their whole lives. The bodies are wearing out but the need to keep working pushes them forward. I am blessed because of it. They are sometimes gruff and grunt around but they love the special attention they get at my window.

Unlike that other girl who works at our office, I remember that if we don't have truckers, we don't have trucks. No trucks, no coal, no smiling me at the window. It is a circle, it is circular, and goes around and around. My truckers are important. Guess that is why they light up when the realize that it is me who is working. Maybe it is time to clone me??? Right. I already see my daughter rolling her eyes.

Next time you fire up your laptop remember it might have been powered by coal delivered by some crusty old hard working driver who has seen way too many little cars in a hurry who think you can stop one of those trucks carrying 25 tons of black gold on a postage stamp. It might even have been delivered by one of my drivers- you better hope I do know something about helping these guys have a better day. They can't stop fast and sometimes they just don't want too. Imagine road rage with something weighing in at about 80,000. Awesome thought that one.

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