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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pounced Yet Again

My house is bouncing or maybe I should say pouncing these days. I have 3 adult cats. Two came as strays about 3 weeks apart and one is a teenage lust product. That same Mom has born two other litters so far (big luster I guess) and we now have 3 kittens ripping through the house at any given time. I have taken to sleeping with my bedroom door shut so that I can actually sleep all night. The kittens had decided that I was the purrfect midnight trampoline.

One of my original cats Thelia, is a very quiet, reserved, just leave me alone type cat. She loves to keep me company when I sew but hates to be cuddled much less touched. Hubby swears she gives him the evil eye (she is sorta cross-eyed), and Jenn was pretty sure she was possessed somehow. She really only likes me. Enter in cat nip.

Jenn thought that the kittens would enjoy cat nip. We created toys for them out of old socks and filled them with rice and cat nip. The kittens are not amused, but Thelia, she hordes those things. She can be found most times of the day, in the living room, in the same area as the kittens, curled around at least one toy. We have discovered that Thelia really enjoys this cat nip- aka kitty pot. She has mellowed to the point of letting Jenn pet her for more then just a second. even up to 10 minutes. Whoa dude, I gotta try this stuff out myself. I could stand some mellowing.

Pictures follow but I have to tell you that they are not all mine this time. Jenn's boyfriend Nick has a " I so want that camera" camera and he was visiting and clicking away too- he took the kitten pix. Remember that if you click on the photos they get bigger.

Maxie playing huntress extraordinaire!

Thelia, always ready to give a helping paw.

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