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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gifts of the Season

It is four days until Christmas. Ugh! Today I get my second treatment for wicked hardcore allergies. They are using lasers to help my body to release all the nasty crap that it has been holding onto for many years. I have discovered through this process that not only does this help release the toxins from your body, it also allows your body to let go of all the toxic emotions that could be related to the substance. Deep stuff and I have been an emotional basket-case since the first treatment last week.

Back to the first two sentences and how they relate to the rest of that paragraph. After a treatment the list of things I am not allowed to do for 24 hours is immense. Nothing with electrical currents- IE. no computers, no cell phones, no stoves or microwaves, no remote controls and no sewing machine. This year I am about as bad off as the proverbial church mouse and therefore the few gifts going out must all be made. This morning is a rush job of getting things done as there is this long 24 hour period where there is very little I am allowed to do. They will let me use a needle and thread and so I have all my projects done to the handwork stage. OK, that is a lie. I still have much to do this morning before my treatment but it all involves cooking.

I had been way beyond feeling a bit Scroogy this year. We are going to my parents house for a couple days to celebrate with my family. This is a huge deal this year as we really felt that last year would be the last time we were all together. My mom has bone marrow cancer and we really thought that she would not make it to another Christmas but she has that Soller blood in her ( family joke which is not really funny but amazing in its truth) and she has pulled strength from deep within and continues to fight for the next day and the one after that. Add to that the fact that Jenn has been gone the whole month. There seemed to be no need to put up any decorations- NO NEED??? It seems that the music was just not enough to get me in the mood this year but there was just no way I was dragging everything out. Yesterday I made a quick dash into my favorite consignment shop to see if anything jumped off the racks at me- I was tripped up instead. There, in the box was this hideous Charlie Brown type Christmas tree just grabbing me by the ankles and begging me to take it home and love it.

This morning at 4 am I pulled the little ugly Charlie Brown Christmas tree out of the box and said "lets love on you a bit". There is now a bit of Christmas cheer in my living room by way of this glorious 4 foot pencil tree covered in blue lights and sparkly gold stars. There are no presents under the tree and this will not change this year but I am reminded that the greatest gifts have already been received. See if you have also be blessed with these gifts: Friendship, Family, Love, Hard Places that help you to grow, Health, Peace, old family recipes, Faith, Hope and the Love of the One who makes not only the Christmas season possible but each gift we receive available, Jesus Christ, the Saviour, my Saviour.

As you rush to finish up all the preparations for the "big" day remember that this holiday is actually considered a season and not just a one day holiday. No other time of the year fills us with such hope as the Christmas season. One small child, born of meager circumstances, bringing hope to world, not just for that time and place so long ago, but for season upon season till eternity. What a gift! May you be so richly blessed during this season that you must pass those blessings on. Merry Christmas!

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