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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tossed Around Thursday

Is it Thursday already? This will be total randomness today- no theme and if you are lucky no attempted rhyme to go with the lack of reason.

1. It is raining this morning so no walk.

2. On my Tues. morning walk I saw 4 shooting stars- "Catch a shooting star and put it in my pocket, save it for a rainy day"- like today I guess.

3. We hired a new office manager and I worked with her yesterday to show her how things are, then I gave her a set of keys and told her to make this office work like an office should. That did not even scare her off- Whew!

4. My daughter is now home for a longer stay then suitcase allow- I am excited to have her here but I know that we will both have to do some bending- neither of us is used to her being home for longer then 5 days.

5. I leave in one week for Idaho. I am excited but have so much to do before I can go.

6. I will have a very full but very fun house while out there. It is Elk hunting season so I will have : my hubby, his 2 brothers and my dad. My daughter is coming out for the last week, a friend of hers is flying out from the Boston area, and one of our Grandsons is going to visit us then. I sure hope this is not the time my demon possessed oven decides to call it quits.

7. There are 2 awesome quilt shops in Sandpoint- the closest town. I do hope I have time and money to visit each of them. One is a great place to sit and sew with the locals and the other has a long arm quilt machine that you can take lessons on and then rent out to quilt your own stuff. Maybe I should have spent less time on my lappy and more time making quilt tops???

8. Anybody have any awesome homemade bread recipes? My kitchen in Idaho is so perfect for bread making.

9. For that matter does anyone have any easy to fix totally awesome and filling recipes for feeding hungry men?

10. Do or do not. There is no try. Yoda, 'The Empire Strikes Back' I really like this quote.

11. Someone suggested I try Jelly Bellys this week. I bought a 30 flavor pack and have been trying them out while driving home from work. Since I don't know what the 30 different colors mean, it is always a surprise for my mouth and I have been playing guess the flavor. I find it very disturbing when the next flavor is pear. There is just something shocking to the taste buds when you first bite into that one- when your brain recognizes it then it is OK but before that yuck. My favs so far are the beverage flavors: root beer, Dr. Pepper and of course the coffees.

12. Speaking of coffee: I will be back in the land of espresso booths on every corner! Our Idaho friend now owns one so I don't get freebies but I do get to sit in it and drink up the leftovers or experiment with the flavors. I also started ordering 5 pound bags of their special blend of coffee beans and life is ohhhhh soooooo goood while sipping my special coffee.

13. Lately, I have been feeling like the mouse, mauled and soggy and a bit chewed upon but no more, I have decided I wanna be the cat and attack the things that annoy me with vigor and maybe play with them a bit and throw them around before I put a sudden end to them.

Be blessed today dear one unless you are one of my problems- in that case,13 run and hide.

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