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Friday, September 01, 2006

Catapuling the Bubba or the Queens Life is All Balled Up Today

The hamster trapped in a man's body named Bubba is now gone- its not so much like someone left his cage door open and he scampered away. It is more like he was on his little wheel running and running at his own painfully slow speed and someone (many in this case) got tired of the rhythmic squeaking of the wheel and he was catapulted with all his attachments out into the real world to fend for himself. Note all the bread ties balled up in the drawer. There must have been 5329 of them that I pitched this morning.

We were up to 16 empty peanut butter jars when he was escorted from the office last night. Anyone got any ideas why a grown hamsterish man would keep those???

Now it is the Red Queen's turn to be thrown into the cage only I am taking no prisoners. It is rumored that I am pms-ing but really it is more like I am just out and out pissed and until order is restored I will be calling for heads to roll. It is my job to sort through about 5 years worth of paperwork and figure out who should have been paid last week or last year.

I am not a certified CPA like the Bubba , and I hate office work but I figure I can't do worse then the Bubba on his best day so in less then a month I hope to post pictures of a new and improved office and with any luck the blood stains from those losing their heads will be cleaned up- peroxide I think- and a new poor sucker will be sitting in that seat and I will be off to other projects more worthy of my attention- can you say quilting???

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