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Thursday, August 31, 2006

13 ThingsThat Just Are

1. I have returned from an amazing trip to Virginia where I got to meet my blog sister and blog brother and make a whole bunch of new blogging friends.

2. Chivalry is not dead- those Virginia men have definately got it happening down there. Stopped for directions once and I swear the man woulda driven me all the way if I had been the slightest bit confused. I was not lost- I had just not gone far enough.

3. I did hundreds of miles of driving by myself and contrary to household beliefs I can read a map and I can follow directions (when it suits me : ). I just wish they would allow you to print them out really BIG- tiny letters and driving alone- I would actually have to fish out my glasses to read the directions but can't drive in them. Grrr

4. Dessert one evening- Yum!

5. I went to a pajama party with my new blogging friends. It was held in an art gallery- how cool is that?

6. I am in need a two major miracles and neither is for me but both greatly impact my life. I know my God is big enough- now lets see how He chooses to solve these situations.

7. Tar Baby has run away from the office and I hope made it back home. Sweet dog and I actually miss him.

8. I have two really cute kittens hiding out somewhere in my house and Momma is not telling where. Enough of the kitten factory business.

9. I am learning to use Excel. Lucky for me I have a couple computer geek friends who are encouraging me every step of the way. One day I will be the go to girl for Excel. Unfortuately, my need for the program to do stuff far outweighs my know how to make it do so but I will figure this all out-eventually.

10. My electric was off for a period of time this morning for wire maintainance. You forget how quiet the world can be. You gotta thank those coalminers for keeping the noise levels up though- God bless them for the energy they put into providing energy for me.

11. I am prestressing about an upcoming job- a good friend suggested that this might be the same as premenopause. Well, Day-em as I learned to say down south, I am quite certain that the world can not handle me doing both at once. For the sake of the world I will forgo the premenopause for now- body just pretend you are not getting older, just making better choices and looking pretty damn hot while doing it!

12. This anniversary of hurricane Katrina reminds me of the evening I spent battling the winds of hurricane Floyd. We had not moved our 44 ft. sportsfishing boat from the dock because the storm was not suppose to affect us- surprise- it never weakened as it came across Florida. The winds were only 55 mph but it was at an exceptionally high tide. We had to leave the boat at the dock and deal with it there. My daughter and a girlfriend spent the night in the house with no electricity . I spent the night helping tie and re-tie ropes and apparently most of that night was spent praying outloud although I thought it was just in my head. Had the winds been even 5 mph more we would have lost the boat and perhaps our lives too. The next morning half of our 300 yard dock was gone but we had all survived and were changed because of it.

13. This power of sharing thoughts and ideas with hundreds of people you have never met is pretty damn cool. When you realize that if you are lucky sometime you might get to meet that person in the for real and take them from being a cardboard figure hiding behind a monitor to a real breathing, energy filled potential friend that needs to be loved and to feel secure and validated that is power that must be wielded carefully and with great intent. I hope that I do just that. Be blessed my readers!

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