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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Short walk, Short story

I know many of you are anxious to know how the joke ended. First let me reassure you, there was no tobacco juice on my pillow this morning-whew!

Today I left the house about 15 minutes earlier then normal. This meant that it was not light as quickly. I thought that would be great, I would get sunrise shots in a different location. I was walking along, paying attention, not just because I promised but because it's important. I was looking for that line in the sand to see if today would once again be adventurous. I was standing in just about the spot where the line had been two days ago and discovered something even more interesting on the trail. Remember me telling you that I am always watching for foot prints, animal scat or animals actually standing in their footprints. Forty feet ahead of me was a bear, a bear in its own paw prints. I was startled. It was startled. I took two steps back. It took two forward. I swung my gun around thinking, I really really don't want to use this and then I pulled my camera out of my pocket and took 2 pictures and then watched this bear walk off into the woods. I am sorry that this is not a National Geographic style photo. It was still too dark, but just pretend you can see it clearly. The two greenish glowing things to the left and above the fairies who sparked for the photo are the bear eyes

Now this bear was big enough to rip a log that sounds like 6 feet of Velcro. Brain signals begin screaming. Alert, alert, where is that cub you saw? Now I know why I had been practicing walking backward while still in W. PA. I walked backward for quite some distance toward the ranch, and then kept a backward watch pretty much until I hit the main road.

Hubby told me that he figures his brother pulled his practical joke because he thinks I am too brave. And now what will he think? I still think I will have to show him the picture of the Mt Lion that I will be "seeing" up near that popcorn fart poop pile. Be blessed.

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