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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cat Poop and Grasshoppers

My bro- in-law is a real practical joker. He likes to play jokes on people. He was just on a missions trip and found out that one of the ladies is scared to death of rattle snakes. he found a way to turn a piece of wire, a button and a rubber band placed just right into an envelope into rattle snake eggs when one cautiously opens it. Pretty funny and no harm, no foul. But I am thinking tonight he overstepped his boundaries a bit and apparently my hubby did also as he ratted on him.

Bro- in-law rode the quad up to where I stop and rest on my walks. He took the time to create a well formed pile of 'big cat" poop and carefully placed a "cat" paw print in the middle and proudly looked at my hubby and said "look, no claw marks". I probably would not mind so much but I am actually pretty damn fearless and him, well lets just put it this way, I think nothing of walking to the outhouse unarmed. This beast of a man wears his 44 to take piss in my front yard.

I have to notice this "pile" or I prove I am not really paying attention. If I say I saw it then he is pleased. So I figure if I poke it with a stick and find it to be empty then I can say that it must be a real popcorn loving cat who left a popcorn fart behind. Oh and I am not opposed to revenge so if anyone has a great idea please let me know because this one really ticks me off.

UPDATE: So I am ready for my walk tomorrow- Boy do I love Google Images- I have downloaded two Mt. Lion pix onto my camera that look like they could have been taken from my vantage point. When I come home outta breath saying I have to download pictures cause I am sure I got them- oh,this could be fun.


Today I met up with 2 charming young ladies, aged 13 and 17, from Ireland and we went to the local quilt shop to learn how to do promise stitching, and do quilt squares all by hand like women of Appalachia did 200 years ago. It was great fun and I learned some neat tricks. I will consider making a quilt like this and just might have to go get all the stuff necessary for one before I leave this weekend. This is one that can be done on a long road trip- yippee- I have one of those coming soon.

After our lesson we decided it was time to eat. We went to a local sub shop that is a national chain and swears it can help you lose weight. I ordered a roasted chicken and spinach salad and then proceeded to tell the lady behind the counter what to put in my salad which was pretty much everything on her side of the glass and then it was topped off with sweet onion dressing. It was delicious. I do think it is important for me to warn you though it is not such a good idea to ask for extra meat. I am now the owner of a certificate for 4 free 12 inch subs at this place but Quiznos will get my business for a while, perhaps forever. Be sure to click on the picture to get the full eye full.

When I showed this to the manager his first question to me was "are you finished with this" Duh, what do you think? There I was trying to be very quiet and only involve him in this situation and he gets more excited and more agitated- now I like to agitate but not when are talking about unwanted crusty bugs in my salad. I didn't think the customers needed to know about this as it was my salad and I didn't have enough grasshopper to share. Now my only question is "was that the only one, or only the one I saw before I ate it? I guess if there are tobacco stains on my pillowcase in the morning I will know for certain.

Tomorrow I hope to walk the mountain again. Life is always an adventure with the Red Queen so stop in to see what happens next. Be blessed.

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