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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Randomly, She Smiles 13 Times- Do You?

Thirteen Random things that make me smile:

1. My Daughter was home for a very quick visit- she actually spent 4 hours more here then she did on the round trip.

2. We went to our favorite restaurant Quaker Steak and Lube for all you can eat wings.

3. I discovered that I no longer get migraines when shopping for fabric- this is very important to a quilter.

4. I gave two kittens away last week and they went together to a great home!

5. This just does not translate well in America but it made me laugh out loud!

6. Pandora- I am listening to the Andrea Bocelli station right now- does the heart good.

7. My favorite kitten Maxie fishing.

8. A very unusual flower found during the quilt trip.

9. My sister called tonight to tell me she is sending me a surprise- a blast from the past- I am smiling outside but I am a bit scared inside.

10. On my way to work the last two mornings I passed the bus stop and the people were all lined up waiting. I am pretty sure that if you put a ruler between them they all stood equal distance apart. Seeing this made me smile and then remember some of the games my daughter and I would play to make peeps uncomfortable on elevators.

11. I have way too many quilts calling for my attention. It is good to be needed- but it is also good to know that the creative constipation has passed.

12. This picture of my daughter Jessica always makes me smile. She would be 19 on Sunday. Happy Birthday Jessie Bear.

13.One of my favorite new t-shirts

Note my pictures are always the get bigger kind- just click on em.

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