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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lookie what 13 things the Red Queen Can Do

I am off to help my daughter celebrate graduating from college- what a Mother's Day gift that is. Oh and also we are hoping to remedy the sadness of last Thursday and the demise of my beloved car. Only this is not a car, it is a monster and will lay smack on any deer even looking my way, but it is red and face it I look good driving anything!

Thirteen things the Red Queen can do:

1. I can disassemble and reassemble a vacuum cleaner so that it is clean inside and works better.

2. I can change a flat tire. I actually had 2 PA State Police watch me change one in the rain.

3. I can repair my washing machine.

4. I bait the hooks when we go deep-sea fishing- can you say raw slimy squid.

5. I can help splice conveyor belts here at the coal wash plant when they need to be fixed.

6. I can find something good in almost any situation- even the dreaded "the cupboard is bare and we are starved" scenario.

7. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot using only my mouth..

8. I can fix my daughters jeans so that they can live at least 3 years beyond the rag bag.

9. I can make anyone feel better about themselves and do it sincerely.

10. I skin and butcher all the deer and elk we harvest, and then I can a lot of it in quart jars for later- yummy!

11. I can drive a stick-shift! Yeah, Datsun 280 ZX!!!!

12. I can and will yawn at any suggestion of it, it can be the written word and*yawn* it triggers me to*yawn*.

13. I can act my age but only do this if I absolutely have too.

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