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Monday, January 23, 2006

Steeler Football a religion?

Steeler football is the one religion in the Pittsburgh area that all the people can agree upon. Last week I posted a joke about how calling God is a local call from here. There might just be those who are wondering if perhaps this might be more then just a joke and well.... I am sworn to secrecy. I can tell you that when I went to my local church this past Sunday the congregation was all dressed in black and gold and the ushers were actually asked to escort anyone wearing Bronco colors out- it was not necessary, so I can't really say if that was a joke or not either.

Last week Paul Kengor wrote this opinion piece for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about Is God for the Steelers?

At church on Sunday, I made my regular prayers. But I had this nagging feeling that I needed to request a Steelers victory. Should I? Could I? I did.

I felt guilty for this petition, but was later relieved at the end of Mass when the priest strolled down the aisle and -- I'm serious -- waved a Terrible Towel as he offered his benediction, bathing the Steelers faithful in this bizarre black-and-gold substitute for holy water.

Mr. Kengor goes on to explain that there is just "something about football in Western PA that drives us over the edge" around here . Something that is not easily explained to outsiders but something deeply enbedded.

This deep seeded love of football would explain a response like this from my daughter:

You cannot imagine how excited I am. Well maybe you can but I AM that excited. Like wet my pants excited. Like strip and run around the quad screaming excited. Like ring the stupid bell excited. Like set a couch on fire on the quad excited. Actually I have done none of these things and I don't really understand why they are things you do when you are excited but they seem to happen on campus in celebration. I however do not live on campus. I did my own little dances and smiled a whole lot, made some obligatory phone calls. You know the drill. We are going to the Super Bowl damnit! Mind you the daughter is in New England aka.Patriot country so this win is all the more sweet.

Many football teams have big stars who play up the media and play up their importance. In Pittsburgh it is most important that you play up the team- it is about team effort. Yes, we have some great players but they come together to form a team, The Pittsburgh Steelers. This Pittsburgh team had a goal this year and came together as a team not just to go the the superbowl but to get Jerome Bettis home and the Bus (is) Revved for Trip to Hometown

The game was over, but Jerome Bettis had one more handoff to take from Ben Roethlisberger.

It was moments after the Steelers had returned to their locker room, joyously celebrating their 34-17 AFC Championship game victory over the Denver Broncos when Roethlisberger took the game ball and stuffed it into Bettis' hands.

"This is the third one," Roethlisberger said, leaning in to hug the 255-pound running back. "We've got one more to get. One more."

Bettis put down the Lamar Hunt Trophy he was carrying and clutched the ball like a newborn baby. Center Jeff Hartings stood a few feet away capturing the moment on his camcorder.

"Thank you," Bettis said softly.

This is one Steeler fan who would like to thank the whole Steeler team and support staff for an incredible year. A year to remind us that when things are looking lost a little team work, some getting back to the basics, getting things done even when it hurts, and a couple extra prayers go a very long way- maybe even through Detroit and back to the Three Rivers with a smile and ring. God bless our Steelers!

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