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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Is there order to the pecking?

My house in Western PA was often a real menagerie. At times we were near 100 animals if you counted each chicken, duck, turkey, iguana, dog, cat, hamster and fish. I guess you could call us experienced in the art of hands on animal husbandry.

Tame turkeys are perhaps the most stupid of all the animals we ever had. A tame turkey really can drown in the rain-honest. The most vicious of the animals we raise would be the chickens- yes, those sweet feathered producers of eggs, white, brown and blue and green. We had to watch the chickens more closely then any other animals. If a chicken gets wounded to the point of bleeding and remains with the others that bird is soon dead, pecked to death by those that were only recently sharing the perch with it. Amazing how a seemingly harmless animal could be so cruel to those it associates with each day.

Tonight as Fox News was showing clips of the Judge Alito nominations I was reminded of my raising chicken days. I saw those chickens, er, I mean senators surrounding Alito and pecking and pecking at him hoping to be the first to draw real blood. I hope he doesn't bleed. I hope he proves to be smarter then the flock and will become something worth crowing about as time goes on.

I must agree with Sean Hannity tonight when he said that as painful as it is to watch, he wishes that these hearings would continue for another month. That way constituates could see what their representatives are honestly like. Hmmm there is a thought. Can sheeple think? The one I raised was pretty stupid and would follow anything.

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