I am a woman searching for my inner goddess and using fabrics, words and photography as my road map. I find great comfort and order in my creative efforts and hope that in sharing them you find a peace also. Welcome and Be Blessed!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Whats in a name?

I have to admit I like the sentiment of this tshirt that I brought home for my computer guru. He is on call 24/7 and willing to help me by phone. I have a perfect one picked out for the daughter but that is for next trip to Idaho. Tshirts as walking billboards-BRILLANT!

The baby ducks on my pond are now all grown up and are taking their flying lessons from Mom. First, she had them flapping their wings while on the water and then she taught them to fly from the top of the pond. Last week they began the real fly abouts and while they seem to innately understand the principles of flying, the lessons of landing come fast and hard- atleast at first. They would circle around and circle around attempting to get close enough and brave enough to land and then they would abort the water landing and thud right into good old earth. This week they are all experts at this flying thing. Wish I could go with them on some of their flyabouts- especially now that they have the landings down.

About a month ago we discovered that there are twin fawns who found our little pond. We have become the watchers if not the keepers of these little cuties. They have no mother which is sad, but they are doing very well. My heart always sinks a bit if one shows up without the other but eventually they both return together. They have tried to be accepted by the big boys but the bucks will have nothing to do with them. There are a couple does around but they have their own young and dont want these pestering them. Initially they were drinking lots of water probably to fill those empty bellies but they have learned to forage for themselves and appear to be thriving. The food we put out for our ducks doesnt hurt either!

I like to read the obits in the paper. More accurately, I read the who died list on the front and as I gloss over the names I try to picture how old these people are and then go to their obits to check it out. Names like: Courtney, Hunter, Ashley, Caleb- these are today names. Names like Arthur, Doris, Clementine Rose ( she was in last nights paper at 91 years old) Ralph, these names were choosen names of past decaded. Here are a couple neat places to check out your name meaning and rank per year. Have fun and heres hoping I am not reading about you tomorrow in my paper! Be blessed.

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