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Monday, September 12, 2005

Just Purrfect

Today is my anniversary. 24 years of being married to the same man. Wowser. Actually as I am writing this I am thinking this is not really true. You see the man I am married to today is older and wiser and well we all know he was always smart cause he picked me... I am not the same blushing bride either- ok I have just lied again and Ramblin Ed would be the first to tell ya he never saw me blush, not once.

If I were gonna pass on sage advice this would be it: Never eat antelope that has been dining mostly on sage brush-Yucky and stinky. Oh that is another story, sorry. Back to the advice: a good marriage takes sacrifice. You must be willing to put self at a lower level and be more concerned with partner then self. Some of this comes easy but it is when it is hard that it is usually most beneficial to the unit as a whole.

Marriage: it can be like oil and water or like Kaluha and cream. That is up to the one who is creating this story. As the author of this particular story I have learned- if you dont think so leaf back a few chapters- I prefer the smoothness of blending together not just being poured into the same space. There is a richness in being comfortable together. Being able to sit and do nothing but doing it together. There is safety in that. Like putting on the faded jeans - it is an ahhhh factor. Kinda makes ya wanna purr. In cooking terms I would say I no longer enjoy being beaten and whipped but rather folded in gently. That is what 24 years of marriage will do.

So last night I got to sit beside my honey while we watched football together- and that is no sacrifice for me. It was a purr moment. Tonight I will be working on coal leases with people I dont care for- that is a sacrifice thing but sometimes those sacrifices pay off big. If nothing else, the sacrifices make for longer stories and make the purrfect nights even more appreciated.
Be Blessed!

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