I am a woman searching for my inner goddess and using fabrics, words and photography as my road map. I find great comfort and order in my creative efforts and hope that in sharing them you find a peace also. Welcome and Be Blessed!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Lifes little pleasures

We have a Cat, Mr. Jazz, who is 18 years old. He is sometimes known as Tripod as he has lived about 16 of those years with only 3 legs. He lost a back leg to a trap and well he kinda hops from place to place. When he was younger and ran you could not tell that he was lacking. He would even try to scratch itches there but ha- that was pretty funny to watch. Anyway, Jazz is an old man cat and has alzheimer's and unfortuately he has not forgotten how to get back home. He is soooo annoying with his Milk cry which really does sound like milk and he knows how to say More also. His newest trick is to jump up here on the computer desk to help me type up my blogs. Are you finding this blog a bit moist?? He is a drooler of immense proportions. I mean, I am talking a real puddle of drool. He actually doesnt know he is a cat. He has always thought he was a dog, has it all down except that barking thing- he just meows for hours on end instead. Anyone want a charming, drooling cat who refuses to not be noticed? He is still killer on mice and grinnies (chipmunks as they are called here),

Ramblin Ed, Looks like you better keep your head low today. Good think you got all that lawn work done. After the big blow you might be getting soon you might have a bit more to do. Looks like Stuart FL missed Hurricane Katrinas wrath this time. Thats good since we havent even finish rebuilding the dock from last years hurricanes that came in about 2 miles from us there ( Irene and Francis)

Mr. Gun Trash gets an extra trip around Wonderland today for his nod to Red Green- one of my all time heros. Check it out here. I personally think that life is not worth living without Duck Tape, WD 40, and a bottle of Coke. With these you can be a hero in any home or office.

Yesterday I got to spend about 4 hours with a very old friend. She and her hubby had to come in for a meeting and I got to entertain her. We swapped pictures cause thats what Moms do and we laughed and laughed cause that is what my friends and I do! 15 years is a whole lot of catching up. I took a wrong turn and instead of going where I wanted to for lunch we ended up at Chick-fil-a which shows that there really are no wrong turns in life- they are just a different path- anyway we ended up seeing another friend from way back then.

Well, Today I have to live up to my WIT role. Much to do and I am just the right person to get-ur-dun. Be Blessed.

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