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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

In the Cups

I like cups, mugs to be more exact. I like them big and I like them to feel right in my hand. I think I really prefer them to be hand thrown. Those seem to have a different energy about them and the coffee is just that much better.

I like my coffee breve- new word I learned cruising the espresso joints in Idaho. That would mean I like it with 1/2 and 1/2. In W. PA we don't have a great deal of express coffee shops but in Idaho wow. They are on every corner. They pop up like those old photomat shops where you would drive up and drop off your film and then drive back through a week later. Only these expresso places have great names like the Green Frog , Bongo Brew, and Heavenly Espresso. There is even one that is mobile-they turned an old school bus into something ever more useful and drive around delivering the Joe. There must be atleast 15 in the small town of Sandpoint. It is very intimidating for a newbee like me to drive up and know what I want so I am still learning the lingo. They have about 50 different flavors available to put in coffee or steamed milk. Found out that I really like a 22 oz triple breve latte which is 22oz of kick you upside the head liguid made up of 3 shots of expresso cut with steamed 1/2 and 1/2 and wowser will you be flying for a short time.
I want an expresso place here in W. PA. I think if I could find the right little corner to put it up on I could be making the big bucks in no time at all. I think Starbucks is highly over-rated as coffee goes. It is just rough to drink- to bitter for my tastes. Wonder if I could feature Hondurian coffee which is kick butt strong but soooo rich and mellow. Hmmm, I love the idea now to find a financer. I could be a barista- that is close to being a bartender which I one time thought I would be excellent at. Plus, then I would know exactly how I like my espresso served up. I think I might just call it "In The Cups" or how about "Bean Me Up". I am open for ideas here. Now to convince hubby that I am serious.

Oh and I love tea but that is for another blog cause that one will be steeped with lots of info.
So for now, I lift my mug in a toast to you my bloggin friends. Be Blessed today, and Kilo I am still praying for your family.

Oh and if you like Blue Cheese salad dressing and discover that your grocery has Litehouse Dressings you should check it out. It is made in Sandpoint Idaho, home of many expresso shops and my heart.

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