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Friday, August 19, 2005

Job title? W. I. T.

W.I.T. is short for Whatever It Takes and that is just about what my job description is. Yesterday I spent 8 hours typing up a coal lease and agreement etc. Mind you I had already typed the lease we currently use into the computer a couple years ago but nope, this is an old one and is different.

Today My name is Jack cause that was the work I did so far. We discovered that the wheelbearings on the trailer which we are loading up with about a houseful of furniture for the daughter were loose. I was the weight at the other end of the fulcrum. Sadly, in the world of teeter tooters we woulda been level. Not really but made you wonder huh.

I was gonna post a picture here for Kilo who drifts through here occasionally but alas it is on another computer and I have no easy way to move pictures- not yet- I am just upset enough about how difficult this is that I am now going to Staples to by a memory stick to remedy this problem.

Sad news: My sister-in-law ended up with the hubbys Mom's pressure cooker. I have been using it for many years to can my deer meat and other fun stuff. Yesteday she finally decided after years of loaning it to me that she would use it. She blew it up. Couldn't get the lid and pot handles to line up but " I did the first batch and it was ok but the second time- well it was a good thing Wheel of Fortune was on cause it saved my life" She was sitting on the couch watching the show instead of watching the pot.

Good News: I found my own pressure cooker at a garage sale this year and didnt really need hers anymore but still.... I mourn the loss of something so wonderful to me!

Great News: The Jn gets home tonight. We will be hauling her stuff up to her later this weekend so I will get to hear stories first hand.

Off to Staples. Be Blessed

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