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Friday, July 29, 2005

Just another day in Paradise

Actually I have to admit that I was in Paradise Montana last week on the drive-through. Very small town, friendly looking and with great views. And speaking of great views we watched the most amazing God designed fireworks Sunday night whilest driving from Idaho eastward. They lasted about 2 hours and were always just far enough off that there was no rain.

The sky would flash and then a tremendous bolt of light would shoot through the sky creating brillant flights of color. It would just rip through the air. My favorites were the ones the hubby calls spider web lightening which is about as close to the right desciption as any. It would start at one spot and break off into many branches and travel cloud to cloud across the sky sorta like ice breaking on a pond, or those long cracks that start on a windshield with a single pebble.

We were in the 'Spedition so there was no crack or rumble but we were amazed at how much we were missing it when we stopped for gas and the sounds were almost non-stop like landing in the middle of a drum corp practice or something.

Experts claim that each flash contains about one billion volts of electricity. That's enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for three months. I can speak to that end- well sorta. My stepdad and I were out on a lake fishing in an aluminum boat when this storm brewed up spoiling a perfect afternoon of grunts and other fish I cant name now. Anyway, we hi-tailed it for the nearest shore and while standing there a good distance from the water a bolt of lightning hit the ground somewhere near us and well lets just say I have had an electrifying personality ever since. Also I truly think this is what burned out that little black box called memory. Until that moment I was scared of lightning and today it just compells me to watch. I live on a hill here in W. PA and now have 2 near dead poplar trees thanks to lightning- that one strike threw bark 5o feet away from the tree, and to think that could been my skin-wow.

Well Vern, the hubby, said that I couldn't blog about the lightning and I guess he was wrong. He shoulda said I couldnt do it justice and that woulda been fair cause God sure outshined me that night but heck, I can write about just about anything so he loses. Again.

Funny thing, my first night back in W. Pa we had about 2 hours of lightning too. We actually get the flashes of pink and blue across the sky here- dont know what makes the color but I just found out that they are called Red Sprit and Blue Cone Lightning. I could actually smell the brimstone from this storm- Lucky for me I was not playing one strike and your out! but I am out now. Be blessed!

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