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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crashing the Coliseum- Its Bristol Baby!

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March2010 011

I have finally made it to a NASCAR track. I went to the time trials at Bristol. Because I drove up in my Toyota 4 Runner Toyota paid for my parking and later in the day they fed me and showered me with Toyota goodies. I love Toyota!

March2010 001


March2010 002

Food City is a major sponsor of this race and I saw there shopping cart making its way to the track- imagine filling this one up with steaks and chops. Check the engine under this bad boy- they race this around the track.

March2010 010


Yeah Baby, I made it to Bristol!

March2010 017


It is a carnival setting outside the track. They have corn hole contests and here is the Amp car doing a burnout. There is almost every kind of food represented here and on every corner you can buy something to drink- Jack, or Crown, Bud or Miller. I discovered Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon- tasty with a splash of lemonade!

March2010 072


I repeat Yeah Baby I made it to Bristol! 


March2010 020


March2010 088

My favorite car leaving inspection and now I have a driver I can root for also- Go Matt Kenseth!

March2010 034




March2010 069


Love this photo. My guy Kenseth was sitting on the pole for all of 1 minute when out came Joey Logano who won the pole by going around this .553 mile track with a scorching 15.396 seconds which works out to 124.63 mph. That would be Joey doing his thing behind the scoreboard. It was great fun to watch Dave Blaney qualify third with a 124.63 mph run.

March2010 021

Kyle Busch 


March2010 027

Jeff Burton 

March2010 080


March2010 099

Getting ready to burn up the track on Sunday. Go Matt! Boy to I have that Bristol fever going now. I will be back. 

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