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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm into Moose Big Time

It is October and that means I am in Idaho. Somehow in the whirl of days and leaves I think I forgot to mention that I was headed out west. Praise God that this trip out did not require 4 extra trailer tires purchased along the way. It was a pleasant uneventful trip out with a new puppy. A new puppy who thought this road trip was like all the others- just a 15 minute ride about- ha, I fooled her and she made it all the way and has fallen in love with the ranch also.


This hunting party is beginning to wind down. The Brother Roy has flown home and I am watching the tail lights of my dad's travel van as I type this.  I thought he was already gone but his last time out the door his dog took off and wouldn't let him catch him. That would be Buster. Buster is a pug that Dad got from my sister. I can't help but wonder if she didn't breed a bit of naughty into this dog just so dad would look upon his daughters and think just how well behaved they truly were-Ha ha. Buster would only come when I call. Dad would have to chase him all over the ranch and then come in and get the leash.


Paisley is a sad pup today and will now be singing the blues for a bit.


Every evening at dinner time I would listen to all the tales of the day. I would get the rundown of what was seen or heard, and sadly what was not being seen. This area around my house is the perfect area for moose, elk, deer bear and mountain lion, therefore it has become the perfect feeding grounds for wolves. For 3 years the hunters have all come in with stories of hearing the wolves up close. The wolves in this area have depopulated the game in such a huge way. I am hoping that means they will leave this area soon. The hunters were seeing very little sign of animals this year and so did much of there hunting an hour away.

song time

The day after I drove Roy to Spokane to catch his flight was a big day here at the ranch- why does it always take Roy not being here?  I had plans to go into town and was 10 minutes from leaving when the hubby called me from up the mountain here.  He says " Where are you at? Don't leave. I shot my moose."


Some of you will remember that the day I won my totally awesome sewing machine that Vern also discovered that he received a moose permit- they are handed out lottery style. When he was hunting at Lunch Peak they were seeing huge Bull Moose but they were all at distances that even he could not shoot and in terrain that even young men would not care to deal with without horses. This morning he was hunting just up from the house with the other brother Gail and my Dad. He had decided  to shot the first bull moose he saw. We could not have been luckier or more blessed then when and where He did take that shot.



This moose was taken about  125 yards up from the road (just before the bend at the gate- for those who have been here). It had just been timbered out. We were able to take Roxy and the 8 foot trailer up and the only way it could have been easier is if this boy had died in the trailer. That said we were still all tired pups at the end of the day.


Today is butchering day. The moose has been skinned  and now my magic will happen and this beautiful animal will now become awesome and incredible steaks and roasts and burger. We can't leave Idaho until I have finished so I best get to it.


Wonder if I could get a moose stew recipe from Sarah Palin?

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