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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Farmer Jenn and Queeny Oakley


The daughter Jenn thinking she should be a farmer. She would make a fine one and I know it would be all organic and healthy and ... but first she starts Grad school at Umass Boston next week. The Queen is pretty damn proud of her and the greatest thing about this all is I get to learn awesome stuff via phone calls and over coffee when she is visiting!


Proof that there are bigger cats out there then my poor Maxie cat. This was on the property that the trees were stolen from. This one is worth making bigger so you can see the distance between the claw marks. I am now searching for the perfect keep me safe when in Idaho type dog.


Just because. Face it, you would think I was sick if I left out a phallic photo. We will just say this is for my friend Lynn.


When the kids (Jenn and boyfriend Nick) came out to play with us in Idaho we all brought guns. One of the big goals of this trip was to shoot guns and not just a little bit. Nick is very good at giving instructions on gun use and safety. He was supposed to fill me in on those important things that I missed so that I could and would feel comfortable with a pistol in my hand ( ok and maybe not flinch) Because of the strange happenings that never really happened. He did show me the stuff I needed to know about my bear gun- a 20 gauge pistol grip shotgun. I only shot it 3 times but I am definitely more comfortable with it today.


They had to leave before we even opened up the serious boxes of shells. So hubby and I went out to the range that Jenn had created in our front yard and I burned through a box of 22 shells- thanks Nick!. I was using a Ruger 22 pistol and after adjusting the sights a couple times I got pretty good with it. Not great but that should come with practice and I plan on practicing because face it when the daughter shows up it will be a contest from the start now.


I shot this quarter from about 30 feet. I will confess it was the 10th shot but when I hit it it flew right back and fell at my feet. Hubby decided that was too cool and he should try it too.


He shot at this penny with a 22 rifle. It is still at the shooting range. I also shot a dime and it flew past me never to be recovered. Jenn says this is why you dont shot at money. I am thinking I will start using the beer cap collection she has started at the ranch.

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