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Friday, July 11, 2008

Phone lines and Apron Strings

I have had lots of phone repairmen here in the past week. My DSL and my phone have been less then great for a very long time- maybe as long as I have had DSL really but I am a very tolerant make do with what is available at the time kind of girl and so I did make do. I would call every couple months and let the techies walk me through yet another series of possible fixes. This past week we really got down to business. It took 4 phone men to do it, maybe even more because I did not see the one who worked on my line today. We have basically changed out everything possible and today in desperation  and a real need to get rid of me ( I equal bad marks on their report cards) they replaced the two pair line that links my DSL to the substation- guess it took 4 hours but then they have probably spent a total of 20 hours in the past week on me- do I feel worth? YEP~!

This much time with phone men reminded me that it is nice to have your common tools with you throughout the day. I had started wearing an apron when I started quilting with Maxine but I am now wearing a smaller apron all the time. This was the one that has been going with me lately.


Even has berry stains on it but when I figured out how nice it is to have one when I am walking I decided I should do better then that. So this afternoon I created this:


It has 2 smaller pockets on the outside and then 3 big ones behind those.  I can wear this when I walk in the morning to keep my camera with me and my ipod then swap those out later for the house phone and cell phone and the chocolates as needed. Next I am  going to design an apron from well loved and worn out jeans.

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