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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Voting with one small insignificant voice



Today is voting day here in Pennsylvania- like you watchers of news did not know that already.  The buzzards have been flying over my state for the past 6 weeks and yes I do have photos if you need them. The carnage is looking pretty extreme but that is only for one side of the ticket. Hubby asks why I am even gonna go. I am a registered Republican and as you know my vote and my voice have no say in this matter what so ever. But, because there are men and women who have fought for me to have the freedom and the right to live in a society where I can go to a local poll and assert an opinion that is exactly what I plan to do today.  I will let the vote counters know that I am not yet ready to consent to John McCain even if my illustriously party thinks he should be my choice.

I understand that behind every President in the past century we have had the kingmakers who push and pull and prod and pay to get the best choice for their pockets into office. They make certain that they have padded both sides of the equation so that they can not lose and so this year we have a toss up. They made certain early on that those candidates who could not be bought or led to "their" way of America last thinking were gone, gone, gone. I think that the tenacity of Mike Huckabee took them by surprise and he lasted so much longer then they could have guessed. Could that have been because he has read and reread Phyllis Schlafly's book, A Choice not an Echo? He fully understands the process and stood in until the end. It is not until the American people realize that they are being treated like sheep and the good shepherd is not looking out for their good unless it better serves him, that we will ever be able to change how things have "always been done" in the last 100 years. Read the book- it will shock you.

As I walk into that cubicle today I will whisper a word of thanks to all who have made and continue to make it possible for me to have a vote, to have a voice, even a small one. I promise that those who are fighting for the freedom of this great nation do not view us as sheep to be manipulated. Maybe they should be given two votes to the sheeps one vote? 


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