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Friday, February 08, 2008

She's a Sewing Fool

Believe it or not I actually had someone say that about me lately. Right on. As I write this there are 3 Singer sewing machines still in their boxes staring at me wondering if and when they get to come out and play. I went from having one machine that I treasure and take everywhere I travel to now owning it plus 4 of the same Singer and of course Maxine.


This is Maxine. We are currently quilting this for the daughter Jenn. She has many of my creations. She helped lay this one out and is very anxious for Maxine and me to unleash it and send it her way. She has no real idea what I am doing to it but I suppose I can give her a hint. IMG_0267

Those machines, well long story short, I found one heck of a deal that could not be passed up so I bought all they had, sold one to a friend, have one for Jenn so she can learn to do whatever- like sew patches on her own damn pants for the nth time, one for me to use here and carry around to quilt guild stuff, one for me to take and leave in  Idaho which means my treasured machine can stay home and hopefully live a very long life, and I still don't know what to do with that last one. Maxine is 14 feet long and she stays put, although she has hydraulics so she goes up and down on demand.

Honestly that is not all the machines I now own either but you get the point... I love to sew...

the fool part, well, you will have to decide that one yourself.

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