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Friday, February 15, 2008

Mixed, Grilled and Wiped Down

So this past week I had to make a run to my "favorite" store Wal-mart. What used to be a pretty useful place where I didn't need a map or 3 hours to get what I needed has decided that in order to keep up with what customers really what they would do the big change over. Mind you I shop in Wal-mart in various states. I was one of those shoppers who could go into basically any store and within 2 minutes I would know the lay out and where to find anything and everything on the list.

I think that the powers in the upper offices of Wal-martdom have shopped once too often at the high end stores and decided to switch to a more upscale, less consumer friendly store.  Yes, I will remain bitter over the fact that those same upper powers of idiocity decided that Wal-mart should no longer sale fabric in the craft department, perhaps forever.

My cats had informed me before I left that they were out of cat food. Mind you they had dry food and have been turning up whiskers to the cans of food they get in the morning. Never the less, I headed to the cat food section- one of the few that had not been moved or upscaled. I picked up an arm full of 4 packs of a variety of pop top mini cans of cat food. It is always a debate over which is the least repulsive. I bent over my cart to unload my arms and noticed a very strong fish smell. Mind you the catfoods are found in the fish department. I was just assuming that they had been cleaning dead fish out of the tanks. I walked on to hunt down the rest of the items on my list.

Two isles on down the store and I noticed that the dead fish smell was following me. A quick look backward informed me that there were no dead fish sneaking up behind me. Darn, this is repulsive.

A closer look around confirmed what I was afraid. of. There was cat food juices on things that should never wear cat food juices.  Running down my purse, all over my prescription bag, slathered all over the sleeve of my jacket and dripping from one of those 4 packs.  I was covered with Mixed Grill and baby does it ever smell of dead fish- ok, what the heck is mixed grill anyway and why would I ever think that my discerning cats would appreciate it anyway. I took those 4 packs of Mixed Grill back to the cat food section and traded them for chicken and turkey. I hoped to find paper towels near the fish but nope. I walked on to find the baby bum wipes. If those things clean up dirty bums it should work on dead fish smells right?  So now I smelled of dead fish and bum wipes

I have to admit that walking through Wal-mart smelling of dead fish and bum wipes emptied out isles and allowed me to shop at will. I also have to admit that the wafting scent of fish not live  and freshly cleaned baby butts is a perfect appetite  reducer. I mean I was not hungry one bit while shopping. I just wanted to get out of this high scale super Wal-mart as quickly as possible.  I was not very patient when I had to wait over 20 minutes at the checkout counter wishing I smelled more like a mango or vanilla ice cream but no one wanted to give me their better then mine spot in the long checkout lines.

My cats were less then impressed when I walked in with their cat food. Mind you it was not the food they turned their whiskers up to, but me. I am not supposed to return from anywhere smelling of dead fish and bum wipes mixed up grilled or not.

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