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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mom Has Gone Home

I am now in Missouri to attend the funeral of my Mother. Living had become difficult for this woman who was so filled with life. Her body was filled with bone marrow cancer - held in check by powerful drugs. She had suffered 2 strokes which she had been able to come back well from. Then not one but 2 heart attacks- the second one leaving her with only 13% of her heart alive and working. For a woman who loved to go and do and be and laugh her world had become quite small.

I was blessed beyond belief to be able to spend 2 extra weeks with her and help her after we brought her home from the hospital last month. I got to tuck her in at night- we would talk about how well the day went and what fun things we had discovered and then what we would do the following day. Each new morning she would beat me awake and we would share early morning coffee and look for things that made us smile, and oh yes, she would make me get busy on the quilt for my sister. My last conversation with my Mom included these word: Mom, I just wanted you to know that the quilt top is finished- she was so excited to hear that.

Life got too small for a woman who liked to live fully. She woke Sunday knowing that is was her last day on earth. I hope it was filled with happy thoughts. My first thoughts on Monday were " so Mom, how do you like the view this morning?" She is flying free, free from pain, free from things that were holding her down, keeping her from running ahead. So Mom, how do you like the view today?

Thank you to all who have sent me such gracious thoughts and prayers. My Mothers passing was a good thing- she was ready as was the family. As I viewed her body my first thought was, nobody is home but that is really misspoken, more truthfully I should have said, body empty, Mom has gone home.

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