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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pickup Sticks Kitty Style

The contamination of pet foods has many people in an uproar. Our office manager is now making all her own pet food and pet treats for her animals. I think that my "cats" and I use this word lightly now might have gotten a strange dose of something. Let me explain.

Ever since we took the 3 females in to have their feminine parts taken out they have gone strange on us. Two of them were very pregnant but timing be what it may, we saved the world from at least 11 more kittens- the Chinese restaurants in the area were not taking kittens that week. We still have one kitten from the last batch before and believe it or not he is still sucking on 2 dried up Mommy cats who just think this is super special. You can insert your own jokes here.

Daughter Jenn has been asking for a puppy for months now. Perhaps the cats have been listening and rather then having a puppy around to gnaw on them they have chosen to act the part themselves. Each and every day we find sticks all over the house. Sticks of varying size. Sticks of varying texture. If the sticks are too big to fit through the dog/cat door they are found on the other side. There is a whole collection of sticks coming up the steps from the basement now. Dog like? or maybe beaverish? Strange to say the least.

Since the deployment of one daughter on one turkey my cats are now keen on the idea of stalking those big birds. They had that one bird that just laid there and let them chew on it so why should these standing up and gobbling and cackling ones be any different. I for one am anxious to see who wins that fight. I have been flogged by turkeys, and I have been scratched up nicely by cats.

Jenn is thinking that we should contact the Pa Game Commission to determine whether it is legal to hunt with domestic cats. We also think that these cats might just be an asset if we would go camping- Cats- go fetch me some firewood! At least these sticks don't get away and hide behind all my furniture only to roll over dead later, or scurry out and give us the willies. I once had a chipmunk who lived in this house for 6 weeks. I kept trying to catch it but he was not liking that idea anymore then having the cats play with him. I finally got him with a yardstick.

Hey, what do you call a boomerang that won't come back?

A stick, but I think mine keep coming back.

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