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Monday, April 30, 2007

I Can Now Spell Paducah!

I can now say that I have been to Paducah Kentucky for the American Quilt Society quilt show. And let me say Wow, does that town know how to make a quilter feel welcome! Most quilt shows take over a convention center and all the local hotels but this show takes over the whole town.

Paducah runs a trolley service all throughout the day up till 10 PM and they have a sign that says they will stop anywhere. My girlfriend Lynn and I took them at their word and we had them stop at a local pub, away from the throngs of quilters one evening so that we could have burgers and a drink and not hear all about the show.
One of 42 murals on the flood wall in Paducah

Ends up that we picked a great place- Fat Moes. They even had live music- I would tell you that it was pretty good but I was drinking Capt. Morgans and most things sound better after a couple of those so who knows. We were going to call for the trolley to deliver us back to where we were parked but by the time we left we figured we needed a long walk instead- did I mention I was drinking Capt Morgans???

We were blessed to stay with a couple who live in Paducah and were just married 8 months ago. We hear that Betty is older then John and he told us he is 70. Lynn knows Betty's son. We were overwhelmed with the southern hospitality. John made sure we had a big breakfast each morning so we would have lots of energy for the day. I think he figured we would help the economy of the town- and we did! He was sure excited to find out that I eat grits- and I even eat them them properly- with butter, salt and pepper. John and Betty can fresh things from their garden and so John sent us home with jars of tomato juice and relish. He then informed us that he will need his jars back and so we must return them same time next year. It just might be a date.
Lynn and her choice for a long arm machine

I came home from Paducah with piles of fabric and a new determination to keep pushing myself to get better. My friend came home with a new A1 long arm quilt machine. These things are huge, so in truth she only came home with the receipt- the machine will be delivered in about a month. I would be jealous but she has already invited me to be present for all the lessons and she will let me use it. Lynn is a very good friend indeed! I still want my own though. They are just way too much fun to use.

I was into brights this trip

This week will be spent working on two graduation quilts, and then I can turn to the 3 wedding quilts on my list. I have some other quilts waiting to get on the waiting list. And now I have about 450 new photos of quilts that can give me inspiration. It was a great week.

I was wishing these coal barges had my name on them.
They do not allow you to post your photos of the show quilts so you got local scenary. If you click on the pictures they are the get bigger kind- honest!

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