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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Twinkies and Biscotti

Last night I sat in on a chat session with 2 women and a man. The three of them know each other pretty well and I only know 2 of them by way of their blogs. I discovered through their chat that maybe, just maybe, we middle aged women do all have the same things on our mind, and we DO have dirty little minds although we seldom admit that to the general public. Last nights conversation was not dirty at all but it reminded me of the weekend I met my two new quilting buddies.

We shared a hotel room when we went to Columbus for the quilt show. These two women had been best friends for 20+ years and strangely I fit right in. It just seemed that everywhere we went that weekend we were discovering phallic symbols. Yes, Penis was as big a topic that weekend as was fabric and quilts. Funnier yet was that we shared a table one evening with two other older quilters who asked if we had seen the huge penis outside our window- laughter and much giggling followed.

For some reason these conversations all came to my mind while I was walking and supposed to be watching out for lions and tigers and bears, oh my. I have come to this conclusion: Men are like twinkies and women are like biscotti. Let me explain.

Men come of age, prepacked and ready to share their love. Nothing difficult or complicated there, just unwrap and waa laa, you are filled.

Women must be properly mixed, ingredients must be carefully attended to, the batter must be gently turned, never beaten and then lovingly shaped for baking in a slow oven, not once but twice.

Twinkles are here and gone quickly and biscotti are best slowly savored with rich coffee. Oh, of course this does mean it gets a bit hot for the biscotti but..... mmmmmm.

And just for you Lynn and Lydia, I can even find them 4 miles up the mountain in Idaho.

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