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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cant Wait to get to #13

It has been a difficult week here since the fun and folly of the fair. The following day was spent with my hubby trying to pass a "before this moment unknown" kidney stone. This lead to cat scan which showed no stone but an aneurysm and a gall bladder full of stones. We finally got in to see the surgeon yesterday and he is in no panic and told us to carry on with life till the surgery which is in Aug. So we are off on an adventure this weekend. I will not tell you where- you will have to return next week to see 13 photos of where in the world is the Red Queen but for now 13 things I must do before leaving.

1. Get the mail and newspaper shut off.

2. Pay this stack of bills.

3. Clean out all those Madam Curie experiments called left overs from the fridge. Yucky

4. Find some silly soul who will take pity on my cats, turtles, gold fish, and chickens and throw food toward them sometimes.

5. Mow the Grass.

6. Wash Roxy (the Excursion) and get her ready for this long road trip.

7. Burn Travel Cd's- most important- even with Sirius sometimes you just want to connect with special music that takes you places. I am open to favorite road trip song suggestions here.

8. Wash and Pack clothes

9. Get $$$- I am leaving this one up to hubby- I pay all the household bills and buy the food so there is no jingle in my pocket - OK there possibly could be if I didn't buy so many books on Ebay.

10.Buy snacks- I love this part- I am trying to go health this time but...........

11. Pack Up Roxy- sewing machine goes in first! Always hopeful for time to quilt!

12. Say a Prayer at the end of the driveway for God's Travel Blessings.

13. Look for Adventure along the way.

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