I am a woman searching for my inner goddess and using fabrics, words and photography as my road map. I find great comfort and order in my creative efforts and hope that in sharing them you find a peace also. Welcome and Be Blessed!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thirteen Thursday

Thirteen Things I like about The Red Queen

1. I am the Daughter of Yahweh, the God Most High.

2. I have great eyes, very deep green eyes that show much emotion.

3. I am very quick to smile- it relaxes people.

4. I have a quirky sense of humor and quick wit to slay pompous dragons.

5. I am very creative-whether cooking, quilting, writing or taking photos.

6. I have a great sense of color.

7. I am very discerning about the other persons energy.

8. I give great hugs- which often comes in handy with #7!

9. I have the ability to think a couple steps ahead of the task at hand.

10. I can make others feel at ease around me.

11. I can find 4 leaf clovers!

12. I am a great cook and I can dream up awesome meals outta next to nothing.

13. I can find awesome photos where others see nothing.

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