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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Veritable Kaliedescope of Beauty

Ok, you get this picture mostly because I am tired of seeing the black and gold splashed all over my blog-did I really say that??!! I am proud of my Steelers but the parade is over and the confetti should all be swept up by now. Anyway, I took this picture in January on a walk through my woods. I thought I would not find anything worth shooting and ended up taking over 80 pictures that day. There is beauty to be found everywhere you look.

The commercial that I appreciated the most during the superbowl supported that idea right there. I was most impacted by the Dove commercial about self-esteem. It was a fairly easy ad to overlook. It was not funny and did not feature any outragous antics or animals- just adolescent girls and words. Words that had to be read. Word like: hates her freckles, thinks she's ugly, wishes she were blonde, afraid she's fat, let's change their minds... because every girl deserves to feel good about herself and see how beautiful she really is.

I went to the website www.campaignforrealbeauty.com and watched the commercial. I thought yes, the young girls of America need this message. I watched this ad again and found that I needed this message. I watched this ad again and realized that most females in America most likely need this message in big ways and small. We girls need to stop looking to the world to show us what beauty is and we need to realize that each of us is a true kaliedescope of colors and images. We are only as beautiful as we think we are. I would never have thought that this years superbowl would lead me down a path for greater self awareness or a search for greater self-esteem but I have been saying this year was about me- funny how these things work out. Be Blessed and to my malereaders: you might just remind those girls in your life that you do find them beautiful- you might get to see them blossom right before you eyes.

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