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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

I remember Valentine's day as one of those most looked forward to and most hated of all holidays celebrated in elementary school. We couldn't get to the store fast enough to purchase those bright cheery conveyors of love. For days ahead, I would pour over the cut outs and make piles. This pile of my favorites cards would go to those special people in my eyes and those I didnt favor would get the less witty, less charming cards. The days leading up to Valentine's Day were rough. People would scrutinize you as you were closely watching them. Are you my real friend? Do I really love you? Should I tell him I think he is dreamy?

Eventually the calendar would turn to Feb. 14th and that big day of knowing would arrive. Secret feelings would be unveiled. Those of child -like love and those of child -like hate. As I would walk home from school sucking on a heartshaped lollypop, I remember digging through my special handcrafted shoebox filled with love and goodness. Now I would know if I was special. Now I would know if I was loved. Were there any special messages for me this year????

Even as children acceptance and love are so important. Those emotions continue on with us today. As adults we want to know that we matter, that we are important to others, that we count. Maybe it is that young boy or girl within us who did not get that special notice years ago,or maybe as we have grown older life has kicked us around a bit but we crave, we desire to know that we are loved and apprecitated.

I personally think that one day is just not enough to spread the love around. I think that a person should know each and every day that they are important, that they matter, that they are loved. It doesn't take roses or chocolates and fancy cards. Love IS spelled T.I.M.E. There was always a let down after the Valentine Day buildup. Perhaps it was just the sugar high running down but I think it was that the child-like understanding of special is right. Special is magical, special is the whole sundae with whipped cream and cherries- not just one but 2! Special is that moment looked forward to- that moment when you open the shoebox and just before you really know. Why can't we make each day special for others. Help make not just this day but everyday a bit magical for someone else. Let them know that they are noticed, that they are appreciated. Smile, that might just be a great first step.

Today I would wish that your shoebox is filled with only the best wishes and the nicest and kindest words possible. Know that if you were in my class you would be receiving a card from the most favored pile. I wish you love and joy today and the rest of this year. Happy Valentine's Day, The Red Queen

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