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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Superbowl Sunday-Go Steelers!!!!!

Tomorrow is one BIG day in these parts. Many of the local stores will be closing their doors early. Tonight children are being tucked into their beds with visions of Jerome Bettis and Wille Parker running through their heads. Mom is doing the check list: Chips, dip, salsa, pop ( cause that is what we drink up in these parts), beer and pretzels for Dad. I find that I am also doing the check list and I have the food and drinks under control. I know where the remote controls are and I have checked to make certain that I know where the power inverter is just in case, heaven forbid that some fool gets drunk before the game and takes out a electric pole. Believe it or not, I have already watched on Steeler game this year by running an extention cord through my front window and to the power inverter connected to the Expedition. Powered up the TV- that was most important. I was a girl scout for many years so cooking by fireplace was no biggie.

I will be resting my voice this evening so that it will be in rare form tomorrow. I am fairly sure that Troy Polamalu will be able to hear me in Detroit as I cheer him and that flowing hair on. I want to see Bettis doing lots of that head bob stuff, when he starts doing that there is just no shutting that Bus down. I want to see that amazing Hines Ward smile all game long. I am anxious to watch Heath Miller score, and Randle El run one all the way for a big TD. Joey Porter needs to put Hasselback on his back side a few times and Big Ben will be dancing with those boy that dun brung him this far, like Krider, Hampton and von Oelhoffen and Hardings. Here we go Steelers- Tomorrow is a bit like Christmas and we have high expectations for the day but we fans figure you boys can deliver the goods. Steelers beat the Seahawks 24-17.

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Muppets as Steeler fans this is actually ranked as the new favorite Steeler song of the year- go figure!

And if you are only watching the Superbowl tomorrow for the commercials here is a link for you to check out:

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