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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The stars shine for Cpl. Lundstrom

On January 7, 20006, Cpl. Brett Lundstrom was killed in Fallujah by small-arms fire. As a Lakota, the Marine was honored with a three day wake service where he lies in state in a flag-draped casket inside a 30-foot tepee set up in the gym of Little Wound High School in Kyle, SD. U.S. Marines took shifts standing guard at the entrance. You can see all the pictures here. Please stop and take a moment. This is how each of our military deserve to be honored. Tashi deley Cpl. Lundstrom.

As a quilter I was very drawn to the handmade quilts that are carried behind the casket. I have found that most Lakota quilts are designed with a single star like this above picture. The Flag Quilt represents the traditions of patriotism and bravery as found in the Lakota culture today. The flag is a common design element in Indian beadwork and paintings, and it reflects the honor and esteem by which the warrior is held in the Lakota culture.

Star Quilt

The morning star is an important figure in Sioux ceremonies. It represents the direction from which spirits travel to earth and is a link between the living and the dead (in extension), thus symbolizing immortality. At funerals, the quilt is draped behind the casket, replacing the traditional red-painted buffalo hide. Today, star quilts are one of the most valued gifts of the Sioux people, often made for "give-away" events such as memorial feasts, celebrations, naming ceremonies and marriages. For the newly married couple, the star quilt is considered an essential gift, bestowing upon them recognition and respect.

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