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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A twist of the tongue

We have an adult day care facility in the area that promotes a program called "Maintain Your Brain". I have been wondering if I am too young to visit and get some programming. We all know that my memory is not quite...hmmm... not quite... O bother, I forgot what I was gonna say.....anyway... they highly recommend doing tongue twisters as a form of brain exercise. It forces one to concentrate on each syllable while speaking rapidly. And of course the bloopers will make you laugh increasing blood flow to the brain.

Here are some twisters to try. Take one and repeat:

  • Top Chopstick shops stock top chopsticks.
  • A fat-free fruit float
  • Irish wristwatch, Irish wristwatch, Irish wristwatch.
  • Lovely lemon liniment.
  • Three free throws, three free throws, three free throws.
  • Are our oar's oak?

And of course my favorite: Sea hawks suck, Steelers ROCK!,Sea hawks suck , Steelers ROCK!, Sea hawks suck, Steelers ROCK!!!!!!!

And for all you black and gold fans be sure to check out Steelerbaby for some kicks and giggles.

Then check out Steeler Fanatic for the newest Steeler fight songs.

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