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Friday, January 27, 2006

They once were with us

"When we think of those companions
who traveled by our side down lifes road,
let us not say with sadness
that they left us behind,
but rather say with gratitude
that they once were with us."

I love quotes and decided that this was a perfect quote to lead into the following. I was tagged by my quilting sis Kat once again but fear not, you can read to the end as I am not going to tag anyone with this meme.

1. 4 Jobs I have had in my life (What? as opposed to jobs held in my dreams?)

I scheduled appointments for Olan Mills

I was an Administrative Assistant for the Development Dept. of Portersville Christian School.

I was an assistant girls basketball coach/team mom.

I am a W.I.T. which stands for Whatever It Takes for Kerry Coal Company

2. 4 Movies I could watch over and over: (ok so this one is really funny because it is a well know fact that almost any movie watched by me will be forgotten by me and then if I watch it again it will be like the first time.)

Out of Africa- not only is it an awe inspiring love story, the music and photography are amazing and having been there it is like going home for me.

The Wizard of Oz - and yes, I still cry

Fly Away Home- The main character has always reminded my of my daughter Jn and it was the last movie we ever watched and watched and watched with Jessica.
"To achieve the incredible, you have to attempt the impossible."

Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Young Frankenstein would also have to go on this list..

3. 4 Places I have lived:

Loomis Nebraska- population 300 at the time
Austin, Texas
Brandon, FL- used to skip school to go to the beach- I still wonder how I woulda explained the sunburns
Anderson University, Anderson Indiana

4. 4 TV shows I love or can stand to watch:

Simply Quilts- on HGTV
Hannity and Colmes
Any Steeler football
most any college basketball or football

5. 4 places I have been on vacation

Trujillo Honduras- for Semana Santa- can you say fiesta!
Zambia- a days ride from any civilization- it was a hunting safari extraordinaire
Cairo, Eqypt- a missions trip. I got to attend a high school graduation ceremony at the Spinx for the missionaries son and go to an all night grad party after the grad. dinner- I was elected cause I was the only one who could fit in dress- oh and what a dress indeed.
Tokyo Japan- hubby went to look at the Komatsu plants while I learned things like flower arranging and how to wear a kimono

6. 4 blogs I visit daily

Cat House Chat
Ramblin' Ed Abernathy
Spark It Up !!!
Travels of a Coal Miner's Daughter

7. 4 Favorite foods

Quaker Steak and Lube Louisianna Liquior Wings
Bonos Ribs and Shrimp combo
Fresh snook cooked by me
Grandmas pancakes- made by Grandma of course- those will have to wait till I get to heaven now.

8. 4 places Id rather be:

Kat's sewing room playing in her stash of fabrics!
Moose Run Ranch- Sandpoint Idaho
Heaven- Im missing some of my favorite people today!
Hmmmm- this last spot is deep within my heart and I go there often-now if I could just get mind and body in the same spot -that would be paradise!

9. 4 albums I can't live without:

I am such a music whore that I cant really answer this but I will clue you in on songs that I have many versions of

Amazing Grace
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
At Last- Etta James is still my fav.
Someone To Watch Over Me
Unchained Melody

10. 4 vehicles I have owned:

either a 1970 or 71 Pontiac Catalina- my graduation gift- big enough to protect me if I was drinking but a sure killer if I hit anyone- Thankfully I didn't
1979 Datsun 280 ZX with t top
1984 Pontiac Parisienne Stationwagon with fake wood trim- we affectionately called it Woody and had a Burger King Woody doll tied to the front- when we would go fast he would raise his arms and legs and go weeeeee all the way home.
1997 Buick Park Ave.- Bella, she is called and fit for this Queen. She is what I drive when my broom is outta service-teehee

11. 4 Peeps to tag: this is that one question that I will not answer today. I am not feeling that mean but please feel free to continue this on in your blog if you are short on stuff to say.

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