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Saturday, January 21, 2006

On that Note

I tend to have a memory like a ... like a... hmmmm, like a goldfish I guess. There are many theories on why I don't 'member well but why doesn't seem nearly as important as what it is I just forgot. With this in mind, the Daughter sent me a link to a new software download to tryout. It seems that in strange ways she is developing this memory shutdown issue also- so sad. I can now say that I have downloaded this software and it just might solve some of those "now where did I stick that Post-it note" question. Not only can you write and stick Post-It notes everywhere on your desktop, you can set alarms to be alerted to pay attention to your notes.

Kilo at Spark It Up !!! has up a post about some new shareware that is well worth trying out also. Especially if you are tired of supporting all the fun and excitement of Bill Gates. I have been using Open Office for about a week and really like the clean look of Writer. If it is time for you to update Office I suggest you try out this Open Source program- the price is indeed right!.

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