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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Let me get commercial with you

So I am that perfect wife that most men are looking for- I love sports. My week has included much basketball and football- is there any better time of year??? College football and basketball are favorites and it really doesn't matter much who is playing. I will pick a fav and yes I can get pretty vocal about what takes place. Today of course I was ecstatic as I was watching my beloved Stillers- this was such a fun game to watch unless you were a Bears fan. Hines Ward and that big ole smile just rock my world!!! but I digress. This blog is actually about commercials.

I watch a whole lot of sports which means I see a whole lot of commercials. The Dr. Pepper commercials get to me every time. I see one, I want a Dr. Pepper. I just saw the new VW Passat commercial where the physics geeks let off a rocket that dies when it hits the newspaper ad about the impact resistant side panels of the Passat- what a great ad. Or the new Dominos 3 for $15. commercial where the kids get the lamp for 30 seconds- you know that delivery boy is this thinking he sure isnt getting a tip. I even like the Miller Lite commercial where they give the Bud mascots a little love but can someone please explain the LeBron James Nike commercials to me. Why would anyone willingly do such ridiculous and stereotyped vignettes that just make him look like an idiot???? Is Nike really paying that much money that he could possibly be ok with this???

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