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Monday, December 12, 2005

Let It Ring

The Christian should participate in social and political
efforts in order to have an influence in the work, not with
the hope of making a paradise (of the earth), but simply to
make it more tolerable--not to diminish the opposition between
this world and the Kingdom of God, but simply to modify the
opposition between the disorder of this world and the order of
preservation that God wants it to have--not to bring in the
Kingdom of God, but so that the Gospel might be proclaimed in
order that all men might truly hear the good news.
... Jacques Ellul (1912-1994)

I tend not to be very vocal about my politics, unless you are sitting in my livingroom watching Fox news with me. I do happen to have some blogging friends who are though and I appreciate them for their voice and the calling that leads them to put it all on the line not to make it a paradise but to make things more tolerable. I do think that each person who will read this is in their own way attempting to make social statements- whether with their votes, their money and their attitudes and choices.

Even bigger then the politics of the day is the need of this world to hear the good news. I believe that as we Christians get out into this world and speak from our hearts and live from our hearts the world can not help but become a bit curious about what must be within our hearts. I thank each of you for your voice today- let it ring loud and clear.

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