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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Feeling Scroogy

I have to admit I have been feeling scroogy of late. That bothers me as Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. There is no holiday so steeped in family traditions, no time of the year more focused on family and on giving. Now, I am not one who is big on gift giving anymore so if you are on my list SORRY but I love to give the gift of joy this time of year. I hate to have to shop from Nov. through Dec. but I do enjoy making the cashiers stop a second, take a deep breathe and smile.

Despite the fact I dont want to be walking isles during those most hectic times, I am the one that gives way to harried shoppers and bolsters them with smiles- tell me why it is so hard for people to be cheerful and joyous. Could it be that we have really forgotten that Christmas is about Christ, not about the latest widgets and whatsits.

A baby born, a child growing in grace and sharing God with his world, a man who taught of love, compassion and the value of each person, a saviour who willingly sacrificed his life that I might be free from my sins and live in eternity with him. Yes, Christmas is here. A time to not just celebrate, but worship Jesus Christ, Immanuel, God is with us. As you focus on the next few weeks remember that God is with you. Wow, God is with you, even in those super crowded, joyless isles of shopping pleasure. How could I possibly feel scroogy now?

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