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Monday, November 07, 2005

Red Lights and Donuts

My hubby brought me breakfast this morning. Coffee with a honest to goodness Orams donut. I had to go in to work early this morning to weigh trucks. My sister- in -law Elsie usually works M-W weighing coal trucks coming and going from our wash plant and answering the phone but..... yesterday we had a wicked storm blow through and wipe out our power. We really roughed it at our house. We hooked up the power inverter to our Expedition, plugged in a long extension cord, ran that through a window and into our living room and plugged a 13" tv in so that we could watch our beloved Steelers play and WIN again Green Bay. Even fixed dinner in the fireplace. After the game I noticed that there were red lights shining on my dark windows. We looked out and discovered that there was an ambulance down the hill at Elsie's house. Talk about fear ripping through your body and mind in an instance. Hubby and I grabbed a flashlight and headed down the hill. My sis-in-law was in great pain and they felt that she was probably having a heart attack. They took her off to the hospital and today preformed a cath on her. I have not heard any more news today about her but in cases like this no news is usually the best news. Red lights shining on your window are a lot like calls that come after you have gone to bed. They cause a major adrenaline rush till you realize there is a logical reason behind this interuption. [Bedtime update- Elsie had a stint put in this afternoon and they say she is "good to go"]

This is Thalia. She likes to help me quilt. Note the most excellent signage compliments of Jn, the daughter extraordinaire. It say what is pretty much true for my life "We dont just care about Quilting, we're obsessed with it. Of course if you are commercial savey you will be saying -hey wait a minute- isnt that about toilet paper- and my response is " and what is your point?"

So after reading my title I must add that my family has actually been to a donut shop that should have been in the "red light' district. Jn was about 2 years old at the time. We were driving through Ft. Lauderdale and my hubby spotted a donut shop that was a favorite of one of his coal miner buddies. There we were- the 3 of us buying donuts and drinking coffee- or milk laced with coffee for Jn in this lovely establishment called R Donuts. R stood for R rated as this was a topless donut shop. Having Jn there was a real plus as none of the scantily clad girls had ever had a child there so they were all very attentive to our table. What a way to raise a child huh. Jn didnt seem to notice anything out of the ordinary but her daddy was sure enjoying the donuts that day.
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