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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Its a zoo I tell ya!

My newest piece of furniture. Posted by Picasa

This is my hubbys newest addition to our house. My decorating style leans toward... well... probably leans toward Fishers fence but lets just put it this way, I am sitting at my computer desk in the livingroom and from this seat I can see 1 mule deer, 3 white tails, one fawn, one bear cub, one turkey tail fanned out and this new latest addition. I have an elk head in my dining room- it keeps Jns turtles company. My basement is filled with animals from our African safari.
My bedroom has my unicorn head and there is a zebra skin rug and a bear rug in a bedroom upstairs. Since this house is filled we are beginning to seel out critters for the ranch house in Idaho. The turkey was supposed to go out there but he is just too darned big to fit this trip. It was suggested to my hubby that he take the turkey and leave me behind- that idea might have worked but he did speak up for me. He said "I need a cook" Whew, saved by my Betty Crocker skills.

We are doing all the last minute stuff to get ready for a Wed. departure. We are way behind but have a great ability of working quickly under stress or deress or just running outta time. I am not looking forward to a 50 hour road trip but there will be that manditory stop at Cabelas in Mitchell SD.

I am hoping to have wonderful stories to share about the adventure along the way and then dinertable talk about how the hunt is going and who shot the biggest and pics to prove who is lying and who is truthful.

Since I know that each and everyone of you is wishing you could come along I will do my best to enjoy each and every minute of it for you. I will star spin, and stop for expresso (often!), I will look for shooting stars and take long walks and breathe deeply of God's awesomeness. I will laugh often and even try to write once and a while. Be blessed my friends.

Oh yeah, I am pretty sure I heard a doubter when they read that I have a unicorn in my bedroom so here is the proof.

I am headed west, and none to soon!

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