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Saturday, September 03, 2005

My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys

OK, that is not really true at all. This week has produced many new heros and I bet none of them are waving their white hats either. In a nation as great as this United States of America heros are not difficult to find but they are to be treasured for the generosity, grace and mercy that they often share with others. I find it disheartening when asked who their heros are there are still people who list the highly over paid, usually oversexed, hard hitters and big play makers of the sporting world. Especially when the real heros, the ones who give of themselves just because of who they are live in each town and around each corner. Today I honor a couple of my heros. Hero: A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life
These are my two favorite heros. Jn is my older daughter and Jessica is the younger one. Jess was born with Muscular Dystrophy. We have not seen her smile in over 8 years now. This year she would have graduated from highschool but instead she is smiling with the Lord and that makes our lives here a bit easier.

Jn was the perfect big sister. She gave freely of her time and attention to Jess and for Jess. She was ready at any hour when we would have to make the emergency runs to Children's Hospital and she did it all without complaint. She was always brave in times of the unknown and while today she still lives with the pain of missing her best friend she has developed amazing grace and mercy through life with Jess. I think if Jn were asked she would not even remember all the times she had to sacrifice for her little sis but she did- lots of times. Yes, Jn is a true hero.

Jess went through her life with the biggest smile ever. We have no doubt that she was a bit of Jesus on earth. She was love period. She reminded me that people are what matters most in life- not things. Just people and they are all to be loved. She never complained not even after all the needle pricks and the breathing treatments, the Dr visits and hospital stays. She never walked but her spirit always soared. She was wise above her years and she taught us that a gentle quite spirit rules the world in time. Jess is a hero in the truest form.

Jerry Lewis is another one of my heros and this year he moved up that list even more. He has been heading up the MDA telethons since the first one in June of 1955. It has been held on Labor Day since 1966. Through his tireless work, millions of dollars are raised each year to help benefit those with MD, supplying doctors, clinics, meds and equipment to make life more normal and most importantly it supports research in the hopes that this life sucking disease can be something from the past and not something that future generations will have to deal with.

This year Jerry is stepping up to the plate in a bigger way then ever. He is suggesting that if you were going to donate $20.00 this year to MDA just send them $10.00 and send the other $10.00 to aid the Hurricane Katrina victims. To read more about it go here. Nobility of purpose- that describes Jerry Lewis to me.

If you happen to come across the Labor Day telethon this weekend you will now be able to say that you know someone who was on it. Jn, Jess and I had our 2 minutes of fame one telethon. It was just on the local channel here in the Pittsburgh area but the three of us spent a good part of Jessies life as MDA Goodwill Ambassadors traveling through the area educating kids to handicaps and helping to raise funds for a very worthy cause.

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