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Monday, August 08, 2005

So Demons be Damned

I went to campmeeting this past week and dealt with some of my demons. I must admit I fear being left behind or being left alone. Mind you I am a very solitary person, I thrive on time spent reflecting although if I am honest, and why not be honest here in front of God and everyone, it has been a long time since I have allowed myself to slow down and get quiet enough to be introspective. So demons be damned. I sent myself in to do battle with some of those lurking nearer the surface. Not enough time or energy yet to face the bigger one but that time is coming.

I guess part of that fear comes through the blessed life I have been able to live. My daughter Jn has had many amazing friends who have felt free to be themselves around me- no pretense- I love that about high school and college aged people. Each campmeeting my porch and my tiny cottage were unindated with many kids of various background and they would share my cooking and hospitality in exchange for their energy and honestly- truly a win win situation for all involved. Jn could not attend this year- can you say Peru vs. campmeeting- no brainer here.

Many of her friends are busy doing the summer job to pay for next year of school thing-ugh. I did have 3 special friends hunt me down and share a glimpse of their busy lives with me. I was indeed blessed and realized that this growing into a new season can be done- perhaps not gracefully but then while my name might mean grace I am much better at passing it out then being it- graceful that is- guess you could say I am grace filled instead- that thought makes me smile.

One of my visits led to the following poem. Kylie showed up to introduce us to her new squeeze and while she could not remember any of our bad jokes-shameful-( it is a ritual to sit around and repeat the same bad jokes almost every night of campmeeting) her new guy Evan had a great one to share. Where does the General keep his armies??? In his sleevies! Brings tears doesnt it. Just wish the whole gang coulda been there to enjoy the evening with Mr. Vern and me.


He found Jesus in the Army
and love at Starbucks.
From Ohio to Hawaii and back again
looking for his future
where Lewis and Clark once roamed.
Good things don't always come in boxes
or even pretty paper,
they are just wrapped up in green.

8/6/5 while mowing grass-honest!

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