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Monday, August 01, 2005

Excavate this

So we have been cutting up scrap at work to sell and our guys have been working really hard at it only to discover that there were others who were helping themselves to the easy pickin's after hours. We got a call yesterday (Sunday) from one of our employees who happened to get a call from a buddy saying " I think your boss has company down at the office" Bobby and wife- he made her go cause he is a small but really tough guy and his woman is ... well lets just say she is scarier then him, took off and stopped at the business in front of our to chat with the informant only to have a pickup truck with a trailer cruise past them -waving as they went and they drove right onto our property like they owned it.

Bobby went down to confront them only to discover that they had a small excavator moved in and were stealing radiators and lots - and here I mean lots as in huge collections- of spare parts for our equipment. Bobby blocked them in while his lovely who ran first, more scared then scary at that point, called the State Police. We are 1/2 hour away so we missed the first action.

WE got there and things were pretty much under control as 2 State Police were there. The trailer had no current license- DUI nor did the two men and the chic- always gotta be a blonde chic in these things-why???? Anyway, she had a suspended license .

Cop is telling my hubby that this will probably be concidered a misdemenor since they waved as they drove past. Come again??? Also this is an election year. And your point is????? Also it is just scrap- Hubby is getting pretty pissed at this point since we know that we have already lost a few thousand bucks with no way to prove that cause the scrap yard keeps no records. He calmly points out that " yeah it would be scrap after it passes through the shredder but here on my yard it is spare parts and they are not cheap."

The cops made them unload all that they had loaded up on site and since they were hauling stuff a couple miles away they made them go there and pick up the second trailer load- note: blonde chic with no license and obviously no self respect had to drive the truck and bring it back. Now aint that just peachy cause its all just piled up for them to come get it later since they were smart enough to wave as they passed by everyone down the road. So remember if you are committing a crime Wave First.

I gotta remember to tell Hubby that before he shoots their asses for returning to resteal stuff to WAVE FIRST.

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