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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Do you outhouse??

I was all prepared to write this long assertion on what it is like to wake up slowly at Moose Run Ranch and how glorious it is to sit with hot mug of coffee on a cool front porch looking at my mountain and me just drinking it all in.

Day was violently disturbed when hubby appeared before my eyes and said “lets go get parts, NOW” End of peace, end of slowness or enjoying my mug of Joe- nope we are off, we are off NOW.

I proceded to spend the next 4 hours picking out and picking up stuff at Home Depot. First we tried to rent a truck but this area is not big enough to warrant a rent-a-truck so that was out. Next we paid Stan the Man a visit and he had a trailer to loan us. It was a massive trailer but had a broken spring- this meant a great deal of hand work.

We bought 130 cement blocks to build an underground room to house our pressure tank. We are replumbing out house here so that we can send water to either the house or the apartment we are building or both. Our house was not plumbed for people who are not living here full time so it is a pain to drain each time we leave. We are fixing it so people can use the apt without us having to be here or needing to come into our house here.

I learned today that I am great at mixing mortar- will that do much of anything in the real world for me?? I think not but then…. I did use some of the leftovers to patch my leaking bird bath.

We are without H20 and have been since yesterday when this project started. This would bother many people but we are campers at heart, or we don’t mind being smelly, or we have luxuries others can only dream of..

I have an outhouse. This makes being waterless much easier I assure you. Especially when there are 5 people here. We have an old fashioned bathtub which holds a great many gallons of water- that has been nice for washing dishes and faces. Sadly it has been hot here today and the drinking water is gone. The water in my 2 streams is really drink worthy I think but we are not that desperate yet and can always go to the store since no doubt we will be picking up parts again tomorrow, same time, same home depot channel.

My outhouse is totally awesome. Last summer a wild and crazy friend and I painted. I think she is not only deaf ( she is, she got to go to Australia last summer and play bball in the deaf not dead as previously reported- Olympics and came home with a gold medal!!), she might be a bit color blind cause she let me pick out the paint colors – it is my outhouse after all- the inside is painted bright yellow and the seat is candy apple red. On crisp cool mornings those colors help you to feel toasty at least till butt hits seat and then you just hope butt doesn’t stick to seat.

Under normal circumstances I seem to be the only one who uses this wickly wild outhouse. It is a bit unnerving, especially in the dark. There was at some time a wild animal who dug a pretty darned big hole under the outhouse door to get underneath. I cannot believe it did this to keep warm. I always make lots of noise in the dark and flash a lot, mostly the light in my hand .

Well, dinner is almost done and then we will be off to bed. I am not sure if we will have bedtime showers or go stinky. Either way, we are so blessed to be here. Thanks for hangin out with me a bit- too bad it could be with cold beers and warm smiles on my mountain-facing porch, or even the one that overlooks the stream. Sometimes when you have wondrous things to share with loved ones this small small world just seems too danged big!~

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