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Monday, July 04, 2005

As promised- this Salva Vida (Life Saver in Spanish) is for you and you and you! Posted by Picasa

So, I am now back in W. PA and pretty darned tired and a bit outta sorts or in shorts if anyone cares. This is from the first beer I had- the one I savoured for all my bloggin buds. The rest of them I drank just because I could, they were there and really cheap, it was hot, I was thirsty, I no longer hang out in bars and it is impossible to get beer in W. PA unless you buy it by the case or hang out in bars.

I note that Jn is alluding to the fact that I may not always get the facts and just the facts straight. Not true, I may take poetic or creative license in how I tell a story or I might have perhaps seen it with a different filter on my len or I just plain forget how it all goes down but it is never meant as a bold faced lie or an untruth just... well... oh nevermind..... I will just tell the story my way and let you shovel through iffen you need to yourself.

So anyway I came back to Fla with case loads of Salva Vida for my blogging friends cause I wanted to make sure I drank lots of beer for them cause I said I would. And having had way too much I tried to do a cartwheel down the runway of life and as things happen I got caught noodling for gigantic catfish in the St. Lucie River which is in my back yard and this one was so huge that it dragged me under and took me into its garage sized hole which was shared with this massive crocodile named Chomper who took a major nip outta me butt and well now I sit kinda crooked on account of the new smiley faced tattoo on my thigh.

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