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Friday, June 17, 2005

Too many irons in the fire!!!

Whew, do I need a break. Jn is home for the summer and we are now in the middle of atleast 4 different projects. I must have been very very wicked in my past as there is just no rest for me these days. We have spent the last 2 weeks working at our pace to paint the outside of the office. We learned the joys of pressure warshing (as they say in W. PA) and I learned how to use a paint sprayer- also learned the hard way that one should use a respirator - as you can give yourself a sinus infection.

Jn bought a dresser at Good Will to paint and take up to school with her and when she began to sand it down for painting I suggested that she use paint stripper to help the process- she thought I was silly but tried it and we discovered that her lovely dresser was covered in 2 coats of paint but hidden underneath was a pretty cherry wood so now she is learning the whole process of refinishing furniture- something I love to do. It reminds me of my Grandpa Goldie who loved to refinish furniture and helped my family collect many beautiful antiques. Since we were already busy with stripper Jn thought of another dresser here that she wants to steal away and it would need painted so we are now working on 2 pieces. I cant get away from paint brushes yet.

Jn got igunas. Jn thought she had an extra heat rock. Jn opened up the cubbyhole/attic space in her room and discovered that it was filled with stuff. Jn took all the stuff out and now we are sorting through stuff and more stuff and discovering that after many years stuff turns to junk.
My garbage man was not happy today I think. There was no extra heat rock there.

Jn decided that since we were half done with that sorting job and it was cooler in the basement we should take the stuff there. There was stuff in the basement too-lots of stuff. We are picking through all the old toys to figure out what to keep-legos are a forever toy!!!! She decided that one reason she is so smart and so curious today is because of the great toys she had as a kid- I do not have enough plastic bins yet so there is stuff all over the basement floor.

Jn decided that we needed to clean out the cedar closet. She found that job hystrical. There are actually clothes there from my highschool days- but not so many cause she scarfed up a bunch of them. There are bags of clothes to go to goodwill, the consignment shop, the rag pile-useful when painting-ugh I am not done painting the office yet, and once again I repeat the garbage man was none to happy with me today.

There are 2 more bigger cubby holes upstairs and they are filled with stuff also. Jn will be opening those doors soon enough I fear.

We finally got the rest of the fence up around my garden last night. We have various critters that venture in and smorgasbord on my growing veggies. This might atleast slow them down- except for the deer who think four foot fence is only made to protect the goodies just for them.

Jn is off having a great time with a girlfriend- I would like to just sit still and veg out but I finally got drugs for the sinus infection and now must work my way back up to speed cause the office touch ups need doing and there is computer work waiting for me and goodwill will certainly close if they dont receive all I have to offer soon and the garden needs weeding(good W. PA grammer)
Eds right we'ens to talk funny here sometimes or is it the you'uns just dont unnerstand???

And oh yeah, we leave Monday for a road trip to Fl. and then to Trujillo Honduras for 5 days and another roadtrip home. Whew, I am just tired thinking about the next few days. And you thought I was kidding when I said I have to keep running to stay in the same place.

I must admit that I am throughly enjoying having Jn home this summer and we are working through years of stuff together- that makes it a fun thing and I am thankful that she is here to help me do it- I wouldn't have even opened those doors if she was not here. Somethings are better shared I think -memories are sweeter that way for sure!!!!

Time to get to work- there is a computer waiting for me to program and then after that I think there will be a paintbrush calling my name-ugh! Just keep running, just keep running.

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